Nikola (co-founder of Refdash) is a former Google Engineer. He has conducted 1000s of technical interviews at Google and at startups he has been involved with. Previously, Nikola got his masters and bachelors from MIT.

Refdash team is expanding its reach

When we founded Refdash two years ago, we united behind the idea that job search should be significantly more efficient, more transparent, and less stressful. We imagined a world where doing what you love and doing it well matters more than the brand of college and companies you list on your resume. We wanted to help build that world by allowing people to present their skills, knowledge, and abilities in the most efficient way.

During this journey, we accomplished a lot towards that goal – we designed a process that centered around engineers – provided the simplest, most transparent, and least stressful way to apply for jobs.

We feel proud to have directly helped thousands of engineers prepare for, discover, and attain great job opportunities. We have helped companies select engineering talent without biases and hire engineers whose resumes they would have thrown away in a matter of seconds. We built tools to make discovery and evaluation of candidates a significantly simpler task.

Over the past several months, we’ve been exploring ways to expand our reach beyond engineering jobs. As a result of that exploration, today we have decided to take on a new opportunity and become a part of a larger, fast-growing team, where we will be able to make a much bigger impact and further our mission. We will have the opportunity to leverage our domain and technology expertise, as well as new resources, to impact a wider community across different industries and job verticals. We’re convinced that we will continue to build products that will fundamentally change the way hiring and job search happens in the years to come.

As our team transitions, Refdash interviewing products and services will continue to operate independently under Refdash. Having said that, we will have to take time to figure out how to execute on it while keeping the quality of interviews at the highest possible level. We will be making those decisions at a later time. Until then, we will, unfortunately, be suspending our interviewing services.

The last 2+ years have been an amazing journey thanks to everyone who has been involved with Refdash. We have grown with you, enjoyed meeting new people, listening to your feedback, sharing your success stories, and learning about amazingly unique paths people take toward building their dream careers. We want to express enormous gratitude to everyone who has put into our hands one of the most important decisions of their lives – finding their next exciting career opportunity.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!